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Website Terms and Conditions

The website www.pomeramaderas.com is an Internet site owned by GARRUCHOS S.A., with address at Calle Paraguay 1535, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, taxpayer ID (CUIT) 30-57621005-8.

This text contains the terms and conditions (hereinafter, the “Terms and Conditions”) governing access to and/or use of the www.pomeramaderas.com website (hereinafter, the “Website”) by any person accessing and/or using it (hereinafter, the “User(s)”). These Terms and Conditions also regulate the information and/or communications made through the Website.

The Website contains information about and/or linked to the products of:

(i) Garruchos S.A., Garruchos Forestación S.A. and Forestal Aguara Cuá S.A. (companies incorporated in the Argentine Republic), and

(ii) Desarrollos Madereros S.A. (company incorporated in the Republic of Paraguay).

The aforementioned companies will hereinafter be jointly referred to as “Pomera Maderas.”


1. Compliance with the Terms and Conditions

Any person wishing to access and/or use the Website must do so subject to the provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions, and any complementary or accessory guidelines required by Pomera Maderas and those arising from the applicable regulations.

Any User who does not accept these Terms and Conditions when prompted to do so and/or who does not comply with these provisions must immediately cease using the Website, stop browsing it, and refrain from entering again and from making use of the Website in any manner whatsoever.

All visits that any User makes to the Website, including their legal effects, will be governed by these Terms and Conditions.

The Terms and Conditions contained in this instrument will apply to any communication made through the Website.


2. Purpose of the Website

The purpose of the Website is the promotion and/or dissemination of the activities of Pomera Maderas and its Sustainable forestry-industrial production of high-quality solid wood. 


3. User Status

For certain specific features of the Website to function, the User may be prompted to provide their full name and their e-mail address, for the purpose of contacting the User later. 

The User will be responsible for providing their data correctly.


4. Website Description. Information

In the Website the User may, among other activities:

  • View the institutional information published by Pomera Maderas. 
  • Browse catalogs and/or product information belonging to Pomera Maderas.
  • Learn about initiatives, programs and/or activities in progress and/or to be implemented.
  • View information regarding certifications, regulations and/or procedures for the production of high-quality solid wood.
  • View contact channels and/or send communications to Pomera Maderas through the Contact-Us form.

The Website content and/or the communication mechanisms to be used will be arranged and/or determined exclusively by Pomera Maderas. Pomera Maderas does not assume any responsibility or guarantee regarding the information contained on the Website.

Pomera Maderas will make every effort to keep the information related to campaigns and/or activities updated and current. 

Any photograph and/or illustration on the Website is displayed only for representative and illustrative purposes and does not constitute in any way a contractual obligation for Pomera Maderas.

Pomera Maderas reserves the right to modify, change, add or delete the information and/or content of the Website at any time and without prior notice. 

Pomera Maderas does not market products or services through the Website. Any reference to products or services on this Website does not constitute an offer to sell the product or service in question and does not mean that the product or service is available in all countries or that the name, description or specification of any product or service will be the same as that included on the Website.

If you would like specific advice concerning the availability and adequacy of any specific product or service, please contact Pomera Maderas through the communication channels provided on the Website.


5. Pomera Maderas Disclaimer

Notwithstanding any other provision contained in these Terms and Conditions, Pomera Maderas provides the following information for the Users, who accept and consent to said information:

Absence of Liability: Pomera Maderas shall not be liable for any act of God or force majeure events, climate phenomena or natural events that may occur or may prevent, delay otherwise hinder the total or partial execution of the activities and/or campaigns carried out by Pomera Maderas, or which are promoted, communicated and/or mentioned by Pomera Maderas on the Website.



6. Processing of Personal Data

Pomera Maderas undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data received and to process it in a reserved manner.

For this purpose, Pomera Maderas will adopt the necessary measures to avoid the alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access of personal data.

The User accepts that the personal data provided by the User will be entered in an automated database, owned by Pomera Maderas, for the purpose of conducting potential communications with Users. 

The User will be accountable, in any case, for the truthfulness of the data provided and will be responsible for communicating to Pomera Maderas any change in data. Pomera Maderas reserves the right to exclude from communications any User who has provided false data, notwithstanding any other actions that may be legally appropriate.

The User accepts that Pomera Maderas transfers the User’s personal data to third parties that are related to Pomera Maderas. 

The User accepts that Pomera Maderas has the right to communicate with the User by postal, telephone or electronic means, and to send the information that Pomera Maderas considers relevant at its sole discretion, including advertising and information about campaigns and/or activities. The User acknowledges that Pomera Maderas will not be responsible for any illegitimate use that third parties may make of the User’s personal data. 

Pomera Maderas has employees and suppliers in charge of communications and/or the Website operation. Pomera Maderas may share the personal data entered by Users with such employees and suppliers, provided, however, that third parties will use such personal data only on behalf of Pomera Maderas and in accordance with its instructions. Suppliers include, but are not limited to: companies that develop and/or are responsible for the maintenance of the Website.

The User may only provide data about third parties when the User has obtained the prior and written authorization of any third parties for the provision of such data to Pomera Maderas. 

The data owner may exercise the rights of access, rectification and/or deletion of personal data, submitting for that purpose a request through the contact channels indicated in these Terms and Conditions.


7. Database Violations

Any action or use of devices, software or other instruments that attempt to interfere with the activities and operations of Pomera Maderas, as well as in the descriptions, accounts or databases of Pomera Maderas, is illegal. Any interference, attempt or activity that violates or infringes the laws on intellectual property rights, IT system security, and/or the prohibitions stipulated in these Terms and Conditions will render the User liable for the relevant legal actions and sanctions pursuant to the applicable law.


8. Intellectual Property

Except for third-party rights recognized by Pomera Maderas, the contents of the Website, as well as the information, trademarks, trade names, designations, data, texts, graphics, images, designs, photographs, audios, videos, logos, icons, programs, databases and files, are the exclusive property of Pomera Maderas and/or companies related to Pomera Maderas, and are protected by laws and international treaties on copyright, trademarks, patents, models and industrial designs. The reproduction, operation, alteration, distribution or communication, by any means, of all or part of the contents of the Website without the prior and express authorization of Pomera Maderas granted in writing is prohibited.


9. Links or Hyperlinks on the Website

The hyperlinks or links existing on the Pomera Maderas Website, which connect with third-party web pages, are intended to improve the User’s browsing experience through the Website, making available tools, content and services provided by third parties external to Pomera Maderas. 

Pomera Maderas does not control, support or guarantee the security, quality, legality, veracity and suitability of the services and contents offered or provided by third parties outside the Website. Therefore, it will not be liable for any damages that may be experienced by Users who purchase products or use services provided by third parties.

The User is solely responsible for any activity accessing or using external web pages linked to the Pomera Maderas Website. The User must take all necessary precautionary measures according to the type of service, content accessed, or product purchased.

The User who believes that an external page linked to the Website is inappropriate, may submit a complaint or recommendation to Pomera Maderas through the contact channels indicated in these Terms and Conditions.


10. Use of the Website

Any use of the Website that is intended to cause any damage to the rights of Pomera Maderas, or to injure the rights of third parties or infringe the legal order, or that constitutes an offensive practice against the security and integrity of the systems will be considered as prohibited use of the services or contents, as it violates the purposes for which the Website was made available to Users.

Users are strictly prohibited from: a) sending comments whose content is, without limitation, illegal, obscene, abusive, defamatory, insulting or contrary to good customs; b) sending files that contain viruses or any other feature capable of damaging the operation of a computer, the Website or the system; c) using the Website to violate any type of current regulation; (d) entering false information; e) using automatic or manual programs, software or devices to monitor or copy the information or any type of content of the Website. If any User is affected by any content and/or information referred to in this paragraph, they must contact Pomera Maderas through the contact channels indicated in these Terms and Conditions.

Pomera Maderas is not responsible for the thruthfulness of the information incorporated in the Website by third parties. 



11. Control Measures

Without prejudice to the legal actions vested in Pomera Maderas and/or third parties, whenever the use of the Website by a User may be considered illegal or contrary to the security and integrity of the systems, Pomera Maderas will take the measures it deems appropriate in its sole discretion, and may even cancel or prevent access of those Users it deems appropriate, without any prior communication being required.

In particular, unlawful use or use contrary to the security and integrity of the systems shall be deemed to have occurred if:

  1. a) there is any violation of any law, rights of third parties, the public order, morality and good customs, or any violation of any of the provisions of the Terms and Conditions and/or any other provision communicated from time to time by Pomera Maderas.
  2. b) the User fails to comply with any commitment as a User.
  3. c) at the discretion of Pomera Maderas, there is any fraudulent conduct or act. 
  4. d) the identity of the User cannot be verified or the information provided by the User is incorrect.


12. Interruptions. Site Availability

Pomera Maderas reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or modify at any time the contact channels offered on the Website, either permanently or temporarily. The consent of the Users will not be required, nor will any prior notice be necessary.

Pomera Maderas will make its best efforts to maintain and improve the functionality of the Website, however, it does not guarantee continued and uninterrupted access to and use of the Website. The system may eventually not be available due to technical difficulties or connectivity failures, or for any other circumstance beyond Pomera Maderas’ control or otherwise. In such cases, Pomera Maderas will make attempts to restore the Website as quickly as possible without assuming any liability. 

The use of the Website by the User implies that Users accept that it is impossible to produce absolutely error-free programs and that not all errors are subject to rectification. Pomera Maderas does not guarantee that the functions contained on the Website will run properly in all devices, nor that the operation of the Website will be free of interruptions or errors, nor that all errors of the Website will be resolved. If a User detects and requests the correction of any defect on the Website, the User shall submit to Pomera Maderas a request for correction by written notice with sufficient information to enable adequately identifying the possible defect. Pomera Maderas undertakes to make its best efforts to solve the identified defect within the shortest possible time.

Pomera Maderas does not guarantee the accuracy of the information and data included on the Website and disclaims any liability for any errors or omissions contained therein. In no case will Pomera Maderas be responsible for the provision and implementation of the activities and/or campaigns that may be published on the Website. 


13. Access to the Website

Without prejudice to the obligation to comply with these Terms and Conditions, the services and contents offered on the Website are freely accessible by Internet users.

Free access does not include Internet connectivity facilities. In no case will Pomera Maderas, provide Users with the necessary connectivity for them to access the Internet. Internet access through the necessary technical means shall be at the exclusive expense and the exclusive responsibility of each Usert.

Pomera Maderas reserves the right to modify, change, add or delete the conditions of access at any time, which will be published on the Website. 


14. Cookies

The Website may use a tracking system using cookies. Cookies have the following uses, without limitation: they enable accessing information more quickly, when moving from page to page, and in certain cases, they may help to identify Users. Cookies are small files sent by the visited page and stored on the hard drive of the computer, occupying little space. Users may, using their browser options, limit or restrict the hosting of these cookies at will. The system may collect information about your preferences and interests. The information collected may be used, among other purposes, for statistics and for improving the services provided on the Website. 



15. Changes and Modifications

Pomera Maderas may introduce all the changes and modifications it deems appropriate at its sole discretion, in these Terms and Conditions, at any time and without prior notice, and to that end the sole publication on the Website of the modified Terms and Conditions will serve as sufficient notice. The User undertakes to verify the existence of changes and/or updates to these Terms and Conditions on every occasion the User accesses the Website. Use of the Website by the User implies the unconditional acceptance of such changes and/or updates.


16. Contact Information

For Users to contact Pomera Maderas, any communications addressed to http://www.pomeramaderas.com/contacto will be considered valid. Any written communication to be sent by post must be addressed to Paraguay 1535, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, República Argentina. Subject: Terms and Conditions of the Pomera Maderas Website.



17. Severability

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect as long as the remaining essential provisions reflect the original intent set forth herein. 



18. Scope of Validity

The contents and services included on the Website are legitimate in accordance with the legislation of the Argentine Republic and the Republic of Paraguay, and are not destined or addressed to those Users who are outside these countries.


19. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed without exception and in their entiretyt by the laws of the Argentine Republic and shall be construed in accordance with said laws. In the event of any divergence, dispute or conflict arising from the interpretation, validity, scope and/or application of these Terms and Conditions, Users shall contact Pomera Maderas through the contact channels indicated in these Terms and Conditions. In the event that a solution cannot be reached, and to guarantee that Users have full access to justice, Users may choose to file their claim with the applicable administrative or court authorities.