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With our triple impact approach, our commitment to create environmental and social value is embedded in our business strategy. Since 2006, our forestry operations are certified, in Argentina and Paraguay, with the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) seal of responsible forest management.

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Social Value

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Direct employees

We have a social commitment, internally to all our staff and contractors, third-party services and suppliers, and externally to the community, residents and governmental and non-governmental institutions.

We seek to maintain and strengthen ties with neighboring populations and their authorities, building relationships based on respect for customs, beliefs and rules of coexistence that encourage the full expression of the local culture. We also strive to create the right conditions for the local workforce to connect with the business chain, and promote education and training to build the required skills, and the transfer of knowledge and expertise.

Our productive activities create direct and indirect employment for more than 300 people who, for the most part, live in the cities and towns in the area of our forestry operations. The health and safety of our workers is our top priority, and their rights and benefits are guaranteed in compliance with the applicable regulatory framework, contracting terms and conditions for forestry services, and the international conventions of the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Educational program

More forests, more future

Since 2010, Pomera Maderas has been fostering active and close ties with primary and secondary schools in the south of the province of Corrientes and the north of the province of Misiones, through the Educational Program “Forest and Jungle” for primary schools, and “Forest Cycle,” “Safety at Rural Work,” and “Responsible Use of Fire and Wildfire Prevention” for secondary schools.

The program is aimed at the first and second cycle of primary schools in the area of influence of Pomera Maderas, reaching rural and urban educational institutions in the south of the province of Misiones, and the north and center of the province of Corrientes.

With a selection of three themes (Ecoregions, Native Forests and Plantations, and Forest Cycle) the program proposes a journey from general to more specific topics. It is designed to enable students to relate to their natural environment, and to understand the current challenges to address in a collaborative effort with their families and the community. It also encourages them to value their role as key social actors for the sustainable development of the environment.

With a content proposal including the use of digital platforms and playful experiences, the program aims to be a flexible tool that can be managed by each teacher in accordance with the needs and possibilities at the time of implementation. This program can be applied 100% virtually, 100% face-to-face or in a hybrid educational context.

Environmental Value

Forest management contributes to the conservation of biological diversity and resources: water, soil, landscape, and fragile and unique ecosystems. Zones and areas of protection and conservation are established, delimited and defined. Conservation areas allow us to protect rare, threatened and/or endangered species. They are representative of natural ecosystems and are interconnected with neighboring areas.

We implement good forestry practices in our operations to promote the responsible use of natural resources and to supply the required inputs. We prevent and minimize disruptions through proper planning, within the framework of comprehensive management plans and operating procedures.

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Managing biodiversity protection programs

Programa de Monitoreo de Fauna

Wildlife Monitoring Network Program

Our native fauna monitoring program was introduced in 2010 and is an ongoing effort. This program relies on the involvement of local stakeholders, mainly forestry workers, since it is aimed at the occasional recording of fauna seen during field tasks. It also requires subject-matter experts for the analysis and systematization of the information collected. The Wildlife Monitoring Program allows us to know the trends in the populations of local species, with a special focus on conservation within the estates belonging to Pomera Maderas. It also has an awareness-building purpose, as forestry operators can realize the importance of implementing good forestry practices and protective measures to favor the conservation of species, and the preservation of the ecosystems they inhabit, strengthening the commitment of forestry personnel in the conservation of biodiversity through their active involvement.

Pampas Deer Conservation Program

This program promotes the recovery of the natural environment inhabited by the Pampas deer (Ozotoceros bezoarticus leucogaster), a species that was declared a natural monument by Decree No. 1555/1992 of December 10, 1992. Long-term monitoring and tracking of the deer population enables studying their behavior in forest environments. The education and training of the personnel in charge raises awareness and favors the recovery of the Pampas deer in other sectors of the Iberá Reserve through translocation.

Reserva natural Pomera

Tapytá Nature Reserve

In Paraguay, the company has an area of great flora and fauna diversity, the Tapytá Nature Reserve, which was donated to the Moisés Bertoni Foundation in 2003. 

Currently, the Foundation manages and monitors the 4,736 hectares of the reserve, where it carries out various conservation and environmental protection activities.

Within the Tapytá Nature Reserve, six natural communities have been identified, including forests of variable height and structure, woodland savannas, wetlands, caves, rivers and springs.

To date, 435 species of plants, 44 species of mammals, more than 375 species of birds (53% of Paraguay’s bird stock), 14 species of reptiles and 16 species of amphibians have been recorded.

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FSC® Certification

We have a firm environmental and social commitment: Our plantations have been certified under the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) standard since 2006. The FSC® is a worldwide, non-profit organization that promotes responsible forest management on a global scale. The FSC® defines standards based on agreed principles for responsible forest management that are supported by environmental, social and economic stakeholders.

Certificates SGSCH-FM/COC-002791 and SGSCH-FM/COC-002837.