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Our Research and Development is aimed at the genetic improvement of the genera Eucalyptus, Corymbia, Pinus and Grevillea for the production of solid wood. As a result, we obtain more productive plantations and soften the pressure on native forests.

Flor eucalipto

Genetic Improvement Program

This program is designed to achieve trees with straight shafts, good diameters, height and volumetric growth, high resistance to diseases and low cracking rates. The improvement technique allows selecting the best characteristics of each individual to combine them and capitalize on the genetic knowledge of each parent, with the aim of optimizing the production and quality of wood.

The program is now in its third generation and has resulted in improvements in growth, wood quality, pest and disease resistance, and tolerance of adverse weather.


Years of experience in research and development


Years of experience in research and development
Base populations from

20 countries

Leaders in Clonal Seedlings Production

Two-thirds of our annual seedling production is of clonal origin. With the genetic basis evaluated in our breeding program, we make commercial clones for solid wood production.


Commercial clones
registered to date


Clones in trial

Testing network distributed in

Seed orchards for seed production with differentiated destinations:


Renewable Energy

A commitment to Circularity

The byproducts of our harvest and forestry production are sent to Fuentes Renovables de Energía (FRESA), Grupo Insud’s thermal power plant, which generates electricity from forestry biomass, and is located in Virasoro, Corrientes, Argentina. This synergy allows us to use a circular approach with our forest residues, and to reduce CO2 emissions and the risk of wildfires in plantations.